Anna Koz

This collection of cartoons is due to my comic alter ego trying to get out again after several years of being sat on by more serious artistic notions . The cartoons here are roughly chronological; so you can see how my style has evolved from tentative scratchings into something more confident as the years have gone by. The content comes from my observations and an innate sense of the absurdity of the many things modern life throws at us. I created a whole series of the Knight cartoons starting from the early 1990s when I made a breakthrough with 'Victim of the Gizzard Wonderbra', in which a knight sets forth to find the definitive underwear garment of the times. This led to a whole 'Victim' series in a national satirical magazine and followed hard on the heels of a regular illustration slot with 'Everywoman', a current affairs magazine. Many of my cartoons appeared in Leisure and trades union magazines at this time and I learnt to find humour in gardening themes as well as the trials of contract workers in universities.

Freelance work is a notoriously precarious way of making a living, and this is why I eventually went to college and studied illustration and graphic design properly – then worked as an art tutor and exhibited semi-abstract works to a bemused public. My art studies totally ruined my cartoon style for a while, because the only course available to me in North Wales (where I was for eighteen years) aimed to teach us how to draw like Leonardo Da Vinci.

Finally back in the city of my birth, still shaking the twigs out of my hair, I hope to start a project to teach people who haven't been to art college that they can still express themselves in both pictures and words. Details of any upcoming workshops will be posted here:

Anna Cosslett - aka Akoz